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Choose the short term option and trade as fast as 60 seconds options. Simply select up or down and 60 seconds later collect your profits.

It's quite remarkable how you can go in and out so fast. I use a simple news based strategy where I wait for an outcome then I simply follow the trend. Been going great so far and have fun while you are at it! The team is super helpful when it comes to spotting profitable news releases.

Lee W.
High Frequency Trader
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Simply select up or down and the expiry time. It's never been so easy to trade.

  • Beginner friendly
  • High 85%+ Payouts

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One Touch

Trade over the weekend when the markets are closed. Recommended in highly news driven weeks.

  • Trade 24/7 through this method
  • Massive payout percentages

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Gains are made if the asset remains in a given range until the expiration time ends.

  • Largest payouts out of all Options
  • Catered for advanced traders

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