The simplest way to trade

How it worksSimply choose an asset, select up or down, select an expiry and let the trade run. It's that simple!

Who should use it

Virtually anyone from beginners to advanced traders trying to leverage the market by predicting either up or down. The skill cap is very low for this type of trading.

When I first got into trading, I did not know where to begin. I sumbled upon Options Trading and totally understood everything in a matter of hours. I started trading comfortably within a few days! Never looked back.

James W.
Forex Trader
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Short Term

Seize fast market opportunities with 60 seconds trading. Get in and out of markets fast.

  • Open unlimited trades, uncapped
  • Access to 90+ Markets 24/7

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One Touch

Trade over the weekend when the markets are closed. Recommended in highly news driven weeks.

  • Trade 24/7 through this method
  • Massive payout percentages

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Gains are made if the asset remains in a given range until the expiration time ends.

  • Largest payouts out of all Options
  • Catered for advanced traders

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